Centre for Science and Ethics

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We work to make Ethics the centre of decisions taken across all spheres of life.

The work of the centre responds to the pressing need for ethics in addressing challenges presented by meteoric advances in genetics, genomics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, biomedical research, computer science and other fields.

Our research and public engagement activities promote awareness and ethical literacy that foster wider discussion on the ethical requirements for scientific research and implementation of scientific advances. We strive for data-driven ethics that shapes science, research and education.

Principal step towards the development of bioethics and research ethics in Russia.

The Russian Science Foundation has announced a statement of the expert councils on bioethical issues in research supported by the Foundation.

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Ethics in motion — Building an ethical society

Data-driven ethics — Ethicizing Science

Ethical impact — Law and policy

Accessible ethics — Join our comings and goings


Nataliya Shok

Nataliya Shok

Co-Director of the Centre for Science and Ethics

Professor, Privolzhsky Research Medical University; Leading expert in History of Medicine and Bioethics

Daria Matsepuro

Daria Matsepuro

Managign Director of the Centre for Science and Ethics

Dr. Sci.; Senior Research Fellow of the Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations and Behaivioural Genetics; Manager of the International Centre for Research in Human Development (TSU); Chair of the Ethics Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies

Yulia Emer

Yulia Emer

Advisor of the Centre for Science and Ethics

Professor; Head of the Information Policy Department (TSU)

Artyom Sazonov

Artyom Sazonov

Co-ordinator of the Centre for Science and Ethics

MSc; Secretary of the Ethics Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies


We provide services to organisations and individuals on a range of ethics related issues

Advising Universities on all aspects of research ethics

Designing and embedding ethics frameworks in organisations, including by managing risks, evaluating current set-ups and future-proofing from the ethics perspective

Helping organisation to address shadow values, an unstated operating culture of an organisation. Addressing these has a powerful effect on productivity, culture and wellbeing

Helping policy-makers and other stakeholders to develop ethical policies in different contexts



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